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Should you fix damaged garage springs Yourself?

Springs are a fundamental component in making garage doors go up and down. If you have a spring that is damaged, the temptation might be to do the repair work yourself. If you don’t know exactly what you are doing, this is a very bad idea because garage repair is a very dangerous job, particularly for the uninitiated.

While torsion is the most commonly used, there is another kind of spring used call extended springs. Both kinds of damaged springs can make for a dangerous repair environment with the tenser extended springs have the most dangerous such environment. They also tend to get damaged more often. This is why extended springs will come with backup cables. Before a repair and replacement is made, the old cables will need to be disconnected.

But again, unless you are a skilled veteran at this sort of thing, you are strongly urged to get professional help with this since a snapped extension spring can be life-threatening. Besides, a professional will be able to determine if there is any other damage about to happen that you have not detected.

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Upon checking these, he will perform maintenance based on the unique needs of your garage door. Typically, garage door maintenance includes:

  • Inspection and tightening of all screws and bolts
  • Lubrication of garage door sprocket, rollers and chains
  • If necessary, rebalancing of the door
  • Adjustment of garage door travel as well as safety settings
  • Testing of garage door openers’ down force pressure
  • Checking alignment of electronic eyes

The best garage door repair services offer quality and reliable garage door maintenance service included in their service. Just like repairs, maintenance is an important service that every garage door owner must have for their garage doors.

Why You Should Let Pros Handle the Garage Door Spring Repair

Many garage door owning are opting to do the repairs on their own when their garage door breaks down on them. While simple repairs can be done at home like lubricating the rollers, fixing garage door springs must always be done by a professional.

Garage door springs are one of the most dangerous parts of the garage door. If it is not handled by a professional, it could very well end up in serious accidents. If you are not familiar with garage doors, you really should never mess with garage door springs.

There are always two types of springs to a garage door – the extension spring and the torsion spring. The extension spring stretches down to the sides of the horizontal track. On the other hand, the torsion springs are located horizontally above the door.

Whenever the door is in the down position, the cables that are attached at door bottom corners causing the spring system into gaining tension. Whenever the door is opened, these springs unwind and with that energy are transferred to the door causing it to lift.

There is tremendous pressure that involves the springs. This presents a lot of dangers if you deal with the garage door springs when you are not familiar with it. Unsuspecting DIYers can end up hurt if they fiddle with the springs unknowingly.

When it comes to garage door springs, letting the pros handle it is your best course of action. As professionals, they understand how the mechanism of the springs works and thus know how to go about on fixing it. They are also experienced in this kind of work and thus more aware of the dangers.

Garage Door Services

The following are the different garage door repair services you can every skilled and trained garage door technician can offer you. From a professional garage door services, no matter the make and model of the garage door or garage door openers, a skilled technician is able to repair it for you.